Description of Committee and Responsibilities

Youth and Teen Empowerment Summit:
This committee is responsible for the planning and implementation of the annual Teen Summit. This
includes holding youth focus groups and, defining the theme of the summit. This committee will also
establish the summit agenda, workshops, and identifying appropriate guest speakers. Marketing, in all
aspects, will be the sole responsibility of this committee.

Media and Social Marketing:
Develop marketing and media materials, campaigns and opportunities in conjunction with the external
affairs of the coalition. Immediate activities include designing a logo for the coalition and developing a
community resource booklet. Will be responsible for outreach activities on behalf of the coalition to all
media outlets.

Reality Tour:
The Reality Tour is a dramatic interactive walk in the life od a tee on drugs. The teen addict “narrates” this powerful story.The setting of the tour brings you into each scene. Dramatic scenes leave an emotional imprint. East Cleveland is the first urban community in the country to host the Reality Tour.Participants understand the full spectrum of substance abuse and take part in the Q&A session with law enforcement officers, parents of addicts in recovery. Volunteers are crucial to the success of the Reality Tour.

After-School and Education:
Will design and direct all after-school activities of the coalition. Will work closely with the East Cleveland
School District and the Faith Based Community to develop resources to meet the needs and fill the gaps
for after-school programming in East Cleveland. Also will work with other groups that seek to address
the educational needs of East Cleveland citizens, in general.

Health and Development:
Will be the driving force of the coalition in developing community health planning and needs
assessment. This committee will also present annual health outcomes evaluations. Will develop
effective health plans and policies in strong partnership with the Health Department, hospital and local
community clinics. Also responsible for the planning and implementation of at least one community
health fair a year.

Faith Based Initiatives:
This committee will solely be responsible for engaging the faith community in all of the activities of
the coalition. This committee will seek to involve churches in opening their doors as “Safe Place” for
youth. This includes after-school and weekend activities. This committee will work closely with all of the
committees of the coalition.

Theatre Arts:
This committee will be responsible for creating theatre and other opportunities for youth in the City
of East Cleveland. The theatre arts committee will seek to work closely with all other committees of
the coalition and meet the needs of the overall mission of East Cleveland Bridges of Hope; which is to
decrease substance abuse and crime reduction.

East Cleveland Bridges of